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EliminateIDTheft is owned and operated by Murdoch Capital, LLC and has put together a team of professionals with decades of experience in the financial services industry. This identity theft protection plan has been sold through many banking institutions and financial service companies through private label relationships. What has been sold through these institutions is now being brought straight to the consumer, employer (as an employee benefit), associations and similar groups, and benefits companies resulting in a reduced cost which is passed to our customers.

The company's President and CEO, Scott Stevenson, is an attorney with experience building companies in the financial consumer services sector. Clients included many Fortune 500 companies. An advocate of consumer rights, Mr. Stevenson saw a gap in the identity protection service industry and teamed with industry leaders and included services from Coverdell and the three credit reporting agencies, TransUnion Experian, and Equifax to offer the most comprehensive solution available via EliminateIDTheft. His vision is to take an increasingly complex issue and make it as easy as possible to understand and manage. The company’s mission is to be the consumer’s trusted source for complete identity theft protection and to eliminate the associated financial and time drain associated with prevention, protection and restoration.

EliminateIDTheft has contracted with Coverdell to provide the leading identity theft product in the industry. No other product compares in terms of true identity theft protection benefits. With the award winning customer service and capacity to handle large organizations, EliminateIDTheft provides an unparalleled product to help you protect your identity.

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