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Junk Mail Facts

Get the fast facts about Junk Mail, and learn why you should take it seriously

Legislation passed by Congress in 2000, and signed into law by the President, permits banks and other financial institutions to share and sell your financial data, including your Social Security number, to marketing companies. In the same year a Federal law, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act5, was passed that allows consumers and customers to have the right to opt out of - or say no to - having their information shared with certain third parties. But in many cases, the notice (required by law) that customers can "opt-out€? of allowing their bank or institution to share their Social Security number and other financial data with mailing list companies and marketing firms is often tucked away amongst the junk ads that often accompany bank statement mailings.6

  • Theft, including lost or stolen wallet or pocket book or theft of a victims mail, was the most commonly mentioned way of obtaining a Identity Theft Victims personal Information. Approximately 25 % of ID Theft victims reported that their information was obtained through such theft.

  • 4% of all Identity Theft Victims cited stolen mail as the source of the information €“ 3% of those who suffered the €œMisuse of Existing Credit Cards or Card Numbers,€? 7% of those who suffered €œNew Accounts & Other Frauds".

  • Among the different types of unsolicited credit products that you receive in your mail box that pose a threat of getting your Identity stolen, convenience checks and activated cards pose great potential opportunities for thieves.

Convenience Checks pose a threatening opportunity to Identity Thieves because:
  • They come unsolicited.
  • They do not come at predictable cycles so that consumers can watch for checks in the mail and take action if the check does not arrive.
  • They do not require activation.
  • They give consumers no opportunity to opt-out of receiving the checks as with pre-approved credit card offers.
  • They include information necessary to not only cash a single check but, when combined with their personal information, to establish still other accounts in the victim's name.

100,000,000,000 pieces of mail account for 30% of all the mail delivered in the U.S. each year.3

The Do Not Call Registry has put a stop to telemarketing, a Do Not Mail Registry desperately needs to be created:

  • In the Zogby International poll, 93% of respondents were aware of the Do Not Call Registry and 89% of them supported a Do Not Mail Registry to make it easier to opt out of unsolicited ad mail.4
  • For more information on the Do Not Mail Campaign, please visit http://forestethics.org and sign the petition.

Eliminate Junk Mail

Eliminate Junk Mail - A Opt Out Guide

EliminateIDTheft has put together a Opt Out Guide to assist you in Eliminating Junk Mail, and most importantly, Eliminating the threat of Identity Theft from stolen mail.

Eliminate Spam

Eliminate Telemarketers

You can have your telephone removed from telemarketing lists by placing it on the Federal Trade Commission's National Do Not Call Registry.

Contact the National Do Not Call Registry, www.donotcall.gov, (888) 382-1222.

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